Naidu Panjabi

Client Brief

Teas by Chai Point is a range of Organic teas presented in handcrafted, 100% cotton tea bags. Needless to say, our task was to differentiate this line and elevate this product offering from the rest of the Chai Point products to give it the premium packaging it demanded.
Our mandate was to come up with a naming strategy, design logo for the brand, packaging for the tea bags, the pouches for the tea bags and the outer carton for the assortment.


So naturally, we stopped designing a box of tea bags, and pretended we were designing a box for some kind of light French perfume. That was the lift-off point, creatively speaking. But before we could design anything, we needed a name.
Given our not-so-hidden agenda, we were sure it had to be a lean name. We kept chiselling at various combinations until we could not remove anything more, and that name was Teas by Chai Point. The simplicity and brevity of the name afforded us the luxury to design with plenty of breathing space - Both, on the outer box as well as the pouches that sat inside.


Packaging design for the product came from the brief, and the logo design in turn came from the packaging design. When Amuleek Bijral, Founder - Chai Point, shared his vision, he asked us for something that would be portable and feel luxurious at the same time. In fact, the sliding pencil box concept was his idea. He wanted something you could pick up as a gift for someone or perhaps your own self. A tiny little indulgence, if you will.

Naidu Panjabi


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