Continental Coffee, 2017

Malgudi filter coffee

Packaging Brand Strategy Branding
By Naidu Panjabi
Client Brief

Over the last 40 years, local roasteries grew into small brands and became regional players of roast and ground coffee, the trade term for packaged filter coffee. Today in the South, there is just one national brand of roast and ground, and that is Bru, the rest are regional brands. This is the opportunity that the CCL leadership spotted, and our goal was to deliver a brand that would take on a National giant.


Malgudi was the winning name, given how well it conjured up thoughts of something traditional, something old-fashioned, something trustworthy and most importantly, something pan-South Indian. The sentimental driver, was this woman’s longing for something that is dependable and at the same time trendy or “attractive” - to quote a highly-cited research term. The rational driver, was this woman’s need for a go-to coffee for her me-time moment at the end of her morning rush hour.


One of the toughest challenges working on this project was working our way around a similar but highly nuanced, multi-lingual market. We sat through several groups, met tens of consumers as part of research, to get a better grasp of likes, preferences, motivators, and such. Along with the client team we tested several communication planks that would sit readily with the name and not just be believable, but also be liked by millennial homemakers.


Continental Coffee

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