Naidu Panjabi

Client Brief

Made for Chai is a range of snacks, that we designed from the ground-up. Our mandate was to create a brand with high tea affinity and design logo and packaging for the entire range of snacks. The range of snacks were Masala Mathri, Chai Biscuit, Cake Rusk and Banana chips. Our objective was to create a sub-brand line that would complement the Loose Leaf Teas line in the same way that these products inherently complement each other. However, from a consumption point of view, Made for Chai is designed for immediate consumption given its portion size.


So when we started sketching our thoughts for logos, some of the words we were throwing around were, approachable, likeable, homely, non-brand like etc. Needless to say, the winning design was a simple handwritten piece that gave the product this simplicity and charm, and more importantly from a brand architecture point of view, paired beautifully with the ‘garden to glass’ doodle. For package design, we followed the same aesthetic principles that we had developed for Loose Leaf Teas.


We made this evident with our choice of substrate and colour palette for the range. The intention of the design is to tap into that peckish sentiment, and give the potential snacker a sense of a guilt-free instant snack. Even though we were designing a logo for this brand line, our intention was to create something that would not look like a logo because that would lead to overcrowding and make it a noisy brand - When in reality we were aiming to create the exact opposite of that kind of a shelf.

Naidu Panjabi


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