Ruparel Realty, 2017

Radio Campaign - 7 ads for Ruparel Palacio

Social Media Content Radio Ads and Spots Jingles and Music Brand Strategy
By Myra Multimedia Enterprise Pvt Ltd


Client Brief

Ruparel Realty was launching their brand new project, Ruparel Palacio. They wanted to reach out to an SEC A/B audience with a radio campaign. But the catch was they needed the campaign to be produced within 3 days.


Ketki Dave, a known face & voice, would talk about slice-of-life stituations, relevant to people, before promoting Ruparel Palacio.


We scripted 7 ads within a day, recorded the artist, created original music, mixed the final ads & delivered the entire campaign within 2 days.


Post the launch of the campaign, Ruparel Palacio received instant bookings. The campaign holds a high recall value even today.


Ruparel Realty

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