Mio Design

Client Brief

To get the regular user habituated to buying packaged sugar – Selling the brand proposition of superior quality & hygienic sugar


Mio identified the strong habit in sugar purchase and consumption. There was no perceived need for packaged sugar.

The journey started with the product look, feel and tone. The packaging was made transparent to give the consumer a view to the whiter, cleaner product. The logo was changed to improve shelf throw and recall.

The next phase was “In Stores Communication” that built a distinct reason to buy. The brand used Pure and Hygiene as the Plank/USP and the POS was a buzz with the reason to buy packaged Madhur Sugar.

The USP highlighted was Sulphur free. The added advantage of Madhur packaged sugar being clean and hygienic, suited for family consumption.

Building the need for branded packaged sugar was to build and own a USP. Sulphur free being the first USP used grab audience attention. It made one question your own purchase decision.

Next MADHUR directly attacked loose sugar purchases. It played up how unhygienic the buying process was. Dramatization of rodents during the storage and transportation process brought the problem to the fore. The latest phase celebrated the brands preferred consumer choice and wide acceptance.


Madhur has become a national brand that spans most of India. It is currently available in Hyper and Supermarkets and has a distinct brand recall and a loyal returning buyer base.

Mio Design


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