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Client Brief


Establish the Quadrecycle category by establishing its NOT a car. (Was being used by consumers online to describe the vehicle.)


While monitoring and analysing the social media conversations of the Qute, an upcoming Quadricycle by Bajaj. Mio noticed that, numerous amounts of page followers were referring to the vehicle as a “car”, although the brand had positioned it as a Quadricycle. Upon measuring, Mio found out that a total of 30% of the conversation during the month of September of 2017, had people mentioning it as a “car”.

Mio launched a campaign - Everything on four wheels is not a car. We used online responses to talk about the vehicle- specification and pushed out details about the about the Quadricycle category. It was a series of 5 videos, educating and making people aware of the concept of a quadricycle. The campaign was promoted on social media and received a good response. The campaign ran all through the month of October and mid-November.


Post the campaign, the wrong categorisation of the vehicle dropped by 80%.

The new category started to get established.

Mio Design


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