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Client Brief

As money managers, the endeavor was to enable Indian investors to grow their wealth while saving taxes. This made
DSP’s business objective clear, to bring DSP Tax Saver Fund in the consideration set for the investors.


January marks the beginning of the tax season and typically sees people get caught up in a frenzy of calculations on how to save tax. We diagnosed the problem and turned that into a full-blown seasonal condition called ‘Taxytis’ (pron. tax-eye- tis)

An All-Digital campaign aimed at making an erstwhile boring category a little fun and engaging. Three spiffing YouTube films were produced that told the story of a Taxytis survivor. It included conversations around #Taxytis across social media platforms - Facebook and Twitter. A series of web banners led viewers to a landing page where they found information on Taxytis and also the cure for it. They calculated how much to invest using the calculators on the landing page.


DSP rose to No. 1 rank in the ELSS category in 2017. It's asset size grew to INR 3399 crore, a whopping 139% in just 1year.

Mio Design


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26-50 Employees

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