Client Brief

Haldi is a popular ingredient in India & during the pandemic, people shifted to consuming massive amounts of 'haldi wala doodh because of the ingredient's medicinal properties. The company wanted to make popular the age old immunity booster, ‘turmeric milk’ by sending out the message that – Haldi is Healthy. 


With the lockdown in full swing, people were found to be experimenting more in their kitchens, hence #HaldiLatte was one of the most viewed campaigns on YouTube. It became so popular that coffee loving youngsters opted to switch from coffee to #HaldiLatte or ‘Haldi wala doodh’.

To ensure #HaldiLatte gained popularity, we formed an association with a number of influencers including the popular RJ Ekta from Ahmedabad & RJ Ishita from Rajkot. In sync with the TV campaign, we rolled out digital campaigns on Social media & YouTube channel – making it an integrated campaign.


From ‘plain old turmeric milk’ to the more trendy ‘Haldi Latte’…….here’s the journey of #HaldiLatte. To send out the message of #HaldiLatte, we began a YouTube campaign that drove high amounts of viewership from food lovers, mothers & even amateur cooks.


  • #HaldiLatte was EVERYWHERE. The video received close to 3 million views within the 21 day campaign period.

  • The website traffic rose to 20,000 visitors during the course of the campaign. Estimated social media reach was to 3.3 lakh people.

  • An estimated 300 people participated in the campaign and 100 winners were announced and rewarded too!

  • The reward? You got it, a hamper of Haldi for each participant to boost their immunity. The campaign proved to be successful among youngsters along with boosting the brand.


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