Client Brief

DJUBO is a complete offline cum online booking system or in other words an all in one hospitality management software built by hoteliers for hoteliers.

The clients' goal was to increase website traffic & to enhance product and brand awareness.


We wrote SEO focused blogs where we researched keywords that helped our content rank well. We chose relevant blog topics that not only were good for SEO but also explained product benefits and brand USPs.

For Social Media Marketing we focused on product promotions, showcasing product features, highlighting solutions to customer problems, testimonials and much more...


To achieve the clients' goal, we opted to go for integrated content marketing promotion through blogs, mailers and social media where each product was given attention.


LinkedIn - Growth of 7.60% in LinkedIn followers

Email campaigns - Our email campaigns saw massive open rates of 22.5% 

Website traffic - Traffic from Social media grew by by 138%, while session duration saw a growth of 76.47%

SEO rankings - Organic traffic increased by a healthy 8.14% while session duration increased by 6.71%



Digital Marketing

  1. Ahmedabad



Category Experience


11-25 Employees

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