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Client Brief


Contributing to Healthcare

Gwalior-based Agrawal Hospital & Research Institute (AHRI) has been at the forefront of medical research in Dental, ENT, and Gynec related problems.



Create Healthcare Awareness 

Being one of the leading medical facilities in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, AHRI

wanted to drive dental health awareness programs. They planned to offer free dental health

consultation. However, the challenge was to spread the word about it,

frugally, and efficiently. In addition to it, AHRI wanted to get more appointments through their




The Idea Behind It:

Generate maximum conversions

We wanted to bring relevant visitors to AHRI’s website using Facebook and Instagram ads. 

So we created custom audiences based on the available customer data and pushed website traffic campaigns to them. Parallelly, we did highly targeted website traffic campaigns to reach the ideal customer segment. They helped us drive more website visitors and spread the word about the dental health program.  

We made informed decisions on ad spends using estimated results provided by our performance advertising platform. It allowed us to allocate more spend to campaigns where website clicks could lead to more appointments.

All the ad campaigns were mobile-optimized to reach a large target audience online.


What we did: 


Increased traffic to their free dental health consultation landing page with targeted website conversion campaign through Facebook and Instagram.


With Mediaqart, we:

  • Pushed highly-targeted website traffic campaigns on Facebook and Instagram using AI optimization

  • Created custom audiences based on high intent signals

  • Set city-based targeting to reach the target audience with high intent of applying for the dental consultation

  • Improved ROAS using customer segmentation and predictive analytics

  • Created eye-catching creatives that were optimized for mobile viewers, using Mediaqart’s Canva integration


What we achieved for them

Increased Appointments

AHRI managed to get more website visitors and increase the conversion rate to book more appointments. The efforts resulted in:

  • 2.71% Conversion Rate


Mediaqart integration for the campaign

  • Automated audiences

  • Mediaqart integration for the campaign

  • Custom audiences

  • Website traffic campaigns

  • Creative work

The client has deemed the program a solid success!

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