Sapphire Confectionery, 2022

Brand Concept and Communication Designs

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By Maxim Marcom Services
Client Brief
When Dugar Overseas approached us, they had a brand by the name of Sapphire selling  chocolate nuts in the market. They wanted an agency who could handhold and create some unique product packaging designs which became a preferred choice for gifting selection during the festive season.Their brief was to create impressive "pick me up" designs which could stand out in the cluttered store shelf. Packaging is one of the most crucial touchpoints in a consumer's product journey.
Like any good design, packaging tells a story. The real asset of these designs are the personality as per what is inside the box and the vibrant color combinations help bring a more youthful and vibrant look. 
Before you start working on the design compositions to cover your product packaging, it's important to know what kind of customers will be buying this product. We did a full research on the gifting product choices during the Indian festivities and came with some unique themes which were distinctive and vibrant to draw attention of consumers towards our product Rather than trying to compete with other existing products, we focused on unique designs.  We chose distinctive design elements as the prime brand asset, with beautiful shades of colors.
The product gained immediate attention and was sold out in the first placement round itself which raised immense demand amongst the distributors.  It was evident that our catchy designs were an instant hit. Since then over the  years we have been their associates and fully responsible for the product packaging designs and creating the band's communication touch points.

Sapphire Confectionery

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