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Client Brief

One software company in Ahmedabad had developed this gaming app. Tis was the time when there was a limited access post COVID 19 restirictions. 

Client wanted to reform the logo and create a campaign strategy to launch on appstore for open to downloads. Further the registered users can by the tickets online and play housie game ( Bingo) online sitting at home and winning prizes.

They were open for out of the box idea for content and campaign to attract maximum players


We created a content which engages every class of person by using the thematic formation of captions related to well known bollywood dialogues.

Funny though straight way to say download abhi yaar, is the atitude as you read the social media post creative and tags.


As we know it was a fun and entertainment online feaure, we executed targetting the youth and every possible person using a smart phone to play. The added advantage was that the game is quite wel-known and extensively played since ages.


The launch of the game was good to go kind of! there were 1200 downloads in first two days with specific demography targetted for Ahmedabad. 

The first game was free for all new users and so 1023 players played and than further all games were with ticket price. still the count of player in every game had always been above 400 players. the games was planned and populated for every sunday Evening.

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