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Due to Psot COVID Protocol Gujarat Tourism wanted to Organise Garba  in the vicinity of AMBAJI TEMPLE but were planned only for the performance show. The public upto 20o persons can come to view the gara performances of different troops.


The term Garba is Derived from the Word " GARBHA" . in this Days the importance is of Diya / Dipak done to Godess idol in her Closest vicinity called GARBHA Mandir. based on the real aesthetics of this navratri we decided to keep it simple and all in the sync of Diya and its forms.

The name of the event or event logo we see, the fonts resemble the variable form of flames of diya.

The red Colour Symbolises for Maatarani and the sindoor we offer her. So the whole of event was having a RED base designs


The concept of event promotion and Venue Design  collaterals were done by our agency for PAL Events who had taken the Work for Gujarat Tourism Coporation Ltd.


The event was successfull and the designs came up well and gave a realtime aesthetic look

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