HB+ - Prickly Pear Juice with Stevia

Packaging Product Design Graphic Design
By Maguss Consultancy

Packaging Design

Packaging Design

Product Design and Label Design

Product Design and Label Design
Client Brief

Client had a specific problem of Bottles warping, no good design label and packaging for their existing product which was sold online on Amazon and Mordern trade outlets. rejection and saturation of number in sale s was a worry.


the idea of this bottle shape had come in mind by the shape of pyramid. It is a fact that there is lot of source of energy this pyramid shape can attract. the same was dertived for this juice being it the drink which enhances Haemoglobin level in ones blood. Good and acceptible in taste being it natural and sweetened with the help[ of Stevia 
( a natural sweetner) it was healthy for people with diabetic symptoms



our first suggestion to client was to create a different shape of bottle compared to the standard PET bottles available. This juice is packed in the porcess of Warm filling due to which the strength in the bottle is must to avoid warping.

The sqaure bottom with the upward narrowing design gave the strong look and presence in the shelves.

The packaging was also designed according to the newly processed design of bottle which gave less rejections to the client.


The sale of this product has taklen soaring heights online and in modern trade due to good package design and sturdy bottle with unique shape.




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