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Client Brief

Giants like Dabur and Patanjali are ruling the market when it comes to sales of honey. And with regional players (like Lion) and entry of new players (like Zandu) in the market, the situation was not favouring Apis either. Though Apis is the largest exporter of honey, but its name in the domestic market was not well established. And in a highly competitive market and low involvement category, it is extremely important for a brand to have top recall in the minds of the consumer. Hence, the biggest challenge was to encourage a switch from existing choice of honey brands to Apis honey.


In order to tell that Apis honey is actually not only pure but it’s tasty too, our idea was to talk to both, the influencer (kids) and the decision maker (mothers). In our idea, we explored the behaviour of a mother and her son at the supermarket.


The kid, like most other kids, picks up stuff that may not be the best for their health and tries to sneak it in with the other products. Our film was a snippet of one such visit to the supermarket. This time too, the kid picks up something and tries to hide it which makes the mother suspicious. When we reveal the kid is hiding Apis honey, the mother smiles and gives her approval to the son’s choice. Because Apis honey is pure, healthy and tasty.



Consumer Category for honey grew from an average of 3-5cr to 8-10cr

A whopping 25% increase in sales of Apis Honey

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