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India had been hit really hard by the second covid wave. While the worst seemed to have passed, consumer sentiment was really low. Worsened by fears about an impending third wave. This was the time for leader brands to show true leadership, and not indulge in tone-deaf marketing.


This is the story of how MakeMyTrip, the leading OTA, reminded consumers of what was arguably the most important trip they had to make.


We urged consumers to ‘Make the Trip’. Not to a tourist destination, but to the vaccination center. The message was delivered through children, and a narrative from their perspective, which reinforced why this was the most important trip that everyone had to make right now. This charming turning of the tables, i.e. children asking adults to get vaccinated, allowed a serious message to be communicated in a fun way and created the desired impact.


Brand film VTR of 38% vs 35% norm on YT

CTR avg 0.54%

Total Clicks 1.4 mn

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