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Social Media Marketing - Mindler Internship Program and Mindler Scholarship Hunt

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By MadMonkeys Marketing Solutions
Client Brief
Mindler, one of the leading Career Counseling Companies in India caters to class 12 students who are looking for scholarships. They do this through their main properties of the Internship Program and the Scholarship Program. Every year, their goal has been to ensure that at least 10,000+ students across domains enroll for the internships and later become a part of Mindler’s Scholarship Program. And one sunny morning, we got their ring! The Problem Statement: To Entertain, Educate & Inform class 12 students about the internship drive and scholarship program. The problem statement that was put forward to us by Mindler was that their brand wasn’t able to get the maximum number of registrations for the internship program. Why did they come to us? For all Creative mandates for Mindler’s Programs
We realized that major of the TG were lying untapped on Socials; especially on Instagram. Step 1: Devised a Campaign called “Go Excel Thrive - G.E.T” The campaign was aspirational and yet relatable. Step 2: Brought in the relatability factor. Right from pop-culture references to memes to Bollywood references, we did them all. Our entire campaign revolved around speaking directly to the TG in their language and how one must not miss the internship program. Step 3: Optimised Content Buckets  We ensured that the content we put on social media had variety. It was a perfect mix of Ads, videos, Static Posts, Carousels, etc. This removed boredom and created curiosity.
6X increase in Average Engagement 3600+ New Followers in just 3 months

Mindler Careers

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