Mindler Immrse - PUMA Corporate Experience, 2022

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By MadMonkeys Marketing Solutions
Client Brief
Our client came up with a very unique offering for their TG (school students)- a Corporate Experience program for school students which gives them on hands corporate experience from corporate professionals. The program has been launched in collaboration with PUMA. Using creatives and copywriting combined with social strategy, our team was asked to raise awareness for the Corporate Experience program in collaboration with PUMA.
Using already established market trends and brands in mind, We decided to go forward with a creative yet informative approach using multiple content buckets keeping in mind the various post formats on Instagram.
For starters, We covered targeted issues using a few personalized content buckets like PUMA C.E, typographical posts, memes, and informative carousels, while Combining PUMA’s tone of voice with the brand’s while aiming for maximum engagement within the audience.
Mindler Immerse is already growing with a great social presence of around 1080+ followers in just 2 months and it now has every batch always full of engaged participants in the Corporate Experience program.

Mindler Immrse - PUMA Corporate Experience

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