Mindler Immrse, 2022

Social Media Marketing

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By MadMonkeys Marketing Solutions
Client Brief
With the new product in mind, Create a launch campaign and social media strategy while aligning it with the audience. About the product: Mindler Immrse is a new-age EdTech startup that offers technology-driven interactive internships in various career domains to school students for them to find their right career fit when they're in school.
Showcase the brand’s solution using content buckets targeted to the audience including solutions and different alternatives to the problem, including the parent company's approach using entertainment and knowledge as the channel.
We used custom content buckets like creative posts such as movies, carousels, and dictionaries to differentiate the brand from its competitors while maximizing engagement.
With paid push and creative support, Mindler Immrse now has a rapidly growing social presence while accumulating over 1080+ followers (from 283 followers) in just a short span of 4 months.

Mindler Immrse

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