Client Brief

Create a brand identity from scratch on social media that prioritizes consumer health while emphasizing on brand's purpose for custom individualistic solutions for the audience.


Showcase the brand's vision for Yoga and a holistic lifestyle using multiple content buckets targeted towards an individual’s day-to-day life while addressing health issues as well as providing them with solutions while maintaining a soothing yet fun tone of voice.


For starters, We covered targeted issues using a few personalized content buckets like #Flexitright, informative carousels, and memes while combining them with a few topical posts for moment marketing and many other content buckets while integrating them all into various social media features to get support from the algorithm.


FlexifyMe has an established brand presence on social media with 11k+ followers on Facebook, 2.5k+ followers on Instagram, and 2.4k+ followers on LinkedIn. 



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