Client Brief

Race Institute is one of India's leading coaching institutes for bank and government examinations. The institute's mission is to give wings to a millions dreams in India. This they believe can be done by motivating the youth in rural and semi-rural regions of our country to pursue their goals and ambitions, and empowering them with the right educational resources and employment opportunities. 


We had to come up with a TVC campaign that will showcase success stories and encourage the youth in urban and rural areas to take up coaching classes and follow their dreams of becoming the "face of new India".

The idea was conceived out of the tagline "ஆயிரத்தில் ஒரு கதை" (A story in a thousand).  The "Aayarathil Oru Kadai" campaign connects with people by highlighting heartwarming stories of success and shining a light on the waves of change being brought about within communities. 


We shot a video of a young woman carrying a baby attending an interview. 


The video was released on television. In addition, outdoor banners featuring students studying in Race reached the masses through a variety of media outlets, including newspaper advertisements.



  1. Chennai



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26-50 Employees

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