Client Brief

As the pioneers of craftsmanship, Sundari Silks imparts the grandeur reminiscent of India and its effervescent culture woven in fabric. With a legacy of over 80 years, Sundari Silks is a heritage handloom brand with rich culture and craftsmanship interwoven in its core values. From humble beginnings of handling a single product inventory at the retail store to building the brand ‘Sundari Silks’, the journey has been meticulously woven with care and collaboration. 

Our task was to establish a solid digital presence for this heritage brand in the technology space, which had over 100 years of culture weaved into their business. 



When tradition embraces technology, it results in a rooted yet evolved transformation. We came up with inspiring commerce journeys across multi channels that will deliver impact for the brand and give enough thrust to their sales, online and offline.


From innovating concepts like "The Great Indian Fabric", which showcased the versatile garment in all its glory on social handles, we wanted to position Sundari Silks as a thought leader and pioneer of being masters in their craft.

We also came up with in-store branding for saree boxes, gift wrappers, tv display ads, hoardings, parking banners, etc. for every special season and festival during the year to showcase a myriad products. 

As a growth partner, we ensured at every strategic touch point from in-store to online, the essence of the brand discovered through strategy sessions was kept intact and tied by a common thread that is inspired by the dynamic diversities of India. 



From generating 2 lakh in sales when the brand first signed up, we have achieved 15-20 lakh sales every month and 30-40 lakh sales during festival seasons. This has helped the brand ramp up an increase in sales by over 5x leading to a whopping 2 crore revenue generation every year.



  1. Chennai



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26-50 Employees

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