Annapoorna Masalas & Spices, 2020

Rebranding Annapoorna Masalas & Spices

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Client Brief

Established in the year 1975, Annapoorna Masalas and Spices is a pioneer in the art of spice processing and packaging. Backed by a legacy of 45 years and the traditional recipes of our forefathers, Annapoorna Masalas and Spices are packed with fresh and fond flavours that we have grown to love.

We wanted to capture the delectable journey of the brand all the way from the dhabas of the North to the tiffin centres in the South,  The brand wanted to redesign their packaging to appeal to audiences from all walks of life and also enhance the pick me up value of the product. Our task was to realign and position the brand as a leading product that will cater to the urban and rural population.


We knew that the diversity and rich cultural as well as historical significance of Indian cuisine has its own unique place in the world. The myriad flavors, taste and the huge variety is a celebration in itself. The packaging concept captures the diversity of Indian food, whilst celebrating and inspiring cooking and sharing it.

The brand's aim was to bring people and different cultures together through one uniting factor - food. That was showcased through the brand's tagline "The Taste That Unites", which is a myriad reflection of the richness, the authenticity, and the traditional techniques of home-cooked food from every household across the country. Annapoorna Masalas and Spices takes people back to the wonderful tastes of nostalgia that food brings to the table. 


Through every campaign, our aim was to share the many small stories that blend together to form the brand's essence, much like the various ingredients in a masala packet.

A Virtual Food Festival 

After successfully rebranding the packaging for the brand, we came up with an idea to celebrate and commemorate passionate cooks from all walks of life and uncover heirloom recipes from every region of India. "Annapoorna Utsav" was conceptualised and created to showcase a range of regional products that stayed true to the traditional cooking techniques and authentic flavours of provincial dishes in Tamil Nadu and India. 


We conceptualised and created 2 TVC ads that were centered around featuring 2 regional delicacies - Nellai Puli Kulambu and Ambur Biryani. The whole purpose of the ads were to demonstrate how easy it is to cook traditional recipes with the help of Annapoorna Masalas and Spices and get tasty results on a plate without too much effort. 

Packaging Launch

We organised the launch of the products in Coimbatore and Chennai for the distributors in and around the region. We came up with a brand film,  "Episode 1: Aarambam" that was written and illustrated to showcase the journey of the brand right from its inception to its present day progress.This was done to create awareness about the brand, take them through the expansion plan and showcase the variety of regional products and authentic flavours of Tamil Nadu and India. 

Contests and Cook Alongs

An attempt was made to increase engagement on our social handles through another tasty episode "Annapoorna Attakasam". A series of contests and cook along events were organised online to increase the appetite and satiate every home cook and foodie's desire for cooking delicious, heirloom recipes at home by trying out the Annapoorna'a regional masalas and spices.

  • At the launch in Chennai, the packaging was appreciated by Neeya Naana's Gopinath who presided over the function as Chief Guest and spoke about how the brand's look and feel brought a feeling of gastronomic déjà vu in him. 
  • For the two cook along events, we managed to get over 400 people to register and also have viewership and participation of over 25k people online, who expressed a lot of interest to cook along with the hosts on the show.
  • For the 4 contests that were organised across the social handles, we got over over 600 people to participate. Winners were selected based on their comments for the social posts and rewards were given away.
  • To help customers familiarise themselves with the product, we planned and shot recipe videos on various regional flavours just to inspire people to cook, especially those who were not familiar with the kitchen.

Annapoorna Masalas & Spices

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