Client Brief

Emerge is a revolutionary educational platform designed to engage young minds.

From get-go to full gear stage, our collaboration with a revolutionary educational platform was centred around capturing their core essence. We had to streamline the way for enterprising young minds to emerge.




Every child's mind is unique. They have a natural flamboyance of approaching everything with the audacity of knowing and learning at their own pace. We knew that the core vision of Emerge was – “Not One size Fits All”. Vibrant hues and bold illustrations emerged from this very thought which led to strong branding across channels.


We got into an in-depth discussion and understanding of their ideology - 'paving way for enterprising young minds'. This helped us give rise to the brand name, EMERGE. From there, every design element and communication channel was an extension of this bubbling brand identity that added on to the impact it created. 


From the look and feel to the naming, brand identity and messaging, we helped the idea of "Joy to Genius" - Emerge.



  1. Chennai



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26-50 Employees

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