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Client Brief

The client required a short audio visual that introduces his project to Ahmedabad. Like most realtors, the client wanted to get a simple AV made that highlights his project, location, amenities and above all, the elevation and views(3D renders) are shown in a neat manner.


Instead of treating it like a usual real estate project, we thought of taking a unique approach. The name of the project and the logo inspired us to create an AV that was more than just an introductory film, but was an experience altogether.


We did justice to the name of the project by keeping the soundtrack minimal and playing around with the sound effects. Each amenity was highlighted by adding that amenity-specific sound effect to them. These sound effects gave it the experience the film was intended to give the viewers.


Not just the client but everyone, including the channel partners that the client showed the film to, loved the idea of using sound effects to create a tranquil feel. This was an experience not many in the region have explored.

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