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Client Brief

We can truly say that this was literally the ‘sweetest’ work that came our way. The client wanted us to come up with a story to explain the process of crystallization in honey and indirectly rope in the brand and its quality into it. 


The idea was to have the knowledge imparted through real life scenarios and making the film urban and modern so that the relatability aspect and believability of it remains intact.


We shot the film using only two actors – a son and a mother. The idea of crystallization explanation was given by the mother who is a ‘know-it-all’ person while the son, who’s on the rush and alike all youngsters doesn’t know things about honey. The simple story with precise explanation and a touch of humor combined with a gentle garnishing of product integration did the trick.


The resultant film came out to be a breakthrough film for the client. They appreciated it and stated that it was a benchmark for their product and a one-of-a-kind explainer film in the industry. A lot of customers were getting aware about the process of crystallization while it was telecasted in all the gujarati TV channels and a great deal of sales emerged out of this activity.

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