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Client Brief

Newturn is a unique solutions provider that basically targets B2B customers and for them, creating an impactful film to showcase their services, solutions and prowess was required. Their brief was simple – they needed a corporate film that depicts their profile and line of work in entirety in the simplest possible way.


The idea we thought of was to connect their solutions to the quintessential need for parking spaces in the future due to the constant expansion of the concrete jungle.


We majorly were bound to use stock footages and 3D Animation but in that too, we used the best we could find and the most unique shots to emphasise on their prowess and their expertise. The two-minuter film turned out to be a beautifully carved story loaded with real life visuals and footages.


The client loved the efforts, made shorter cuts for rapid circulation and above all, it helped them reach out to investors and potential business people with ease as now, their entire line of work and their gamut of services could be seen in just 2 minutes.

Mad Phoenix Marcom


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