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Client Brief

When you have a highly tech-savvy and future-ready client, the solution you give has to be equally impressive. ATH Analyttica Datalabs Products film was given to us with a brief of explaining their products and what makes them best in the industry.


The idea was to make the complex equations of Ai and Machine Learning so easy and simple to display and understand that even a layman could view it and get the gist of what needed to be communicated.


A very interactive and dynamic motion graphic animation was created with a storyline and storyboarding done multiple times to achieve the perfection we were looking for. It was made such as that it should not look like a plain vanilla explainer video but it should look very fresh, attractive, continual and immersive. 


The video with all products integrated smartly into one was something the client didn’t expect to come true this way. We did it in record time before the deadline, which made the client happy. The product video was shared on their social pages and on their internal client and employee groups wherefrom it garnered a lot of appreciation.

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