An animated music video focused on two newly-weds, Faguni and Bittu

Client Brief

Newly married couples in India are often bombarded with intrusive questions like ‘When is the Good News?’ or ‘Munna Kab Aayega?’ While expecting a baby is a magical moment for the parents, such unwarranted questions at social gatherings can hit like an alarm and make the situation awkward. The objective was to tackle this intrusive problem


Logicserve Digital created a digital campaign for Unwanted21Days (part of Mankind pharma). The campaign initiated conversations on reproductive health to normalize the use of contraceptives and promote the importance of planned pregnancy. 

Considering the sensitivity of the subject, Unwanted21Days took a creative route of presenting an engaging story (with a folksy tune and earthy lyrics) to reinforce a sense of privacy and independence in the minds of the consumers.


The brand developed a quasi-puppet show, with music and dance as a medium to convey the message to the audience. An animated music video focused on two newly-weds, Faguni and Bittu who are visited by an array of inquisitive relatives was released on social media platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

The song’s lyrics showcase various scenarios that newly married couples usually land into with relatives and neighbours prying about personal life. The nagging questions are finally put to rest when Faguni and Bittu take a stand and inform everyone that they will have a child when they feel is the right time basis their joint decision.

To create a buzz around the campaign a wedding invite was prepared, along with pre-wedding shoot of the central characters. Recent visitors of the brand page were sent an automated invite upon commenting with the hashtag ‘#FaguniWedsBittu’.

WhatsApp stickers were created as well to introduce and highlight inquisitive family members and friends with atypical messages. The folksy approach with traditional music and descriptive narrative helped the brand connect effectively with audiences in tier-2 and tier-3 cities.

For the major target audience of the brand from West Bengal and Orissa, the communication was also established in the local language in Bengali and Oriya, respectively to ensure better message delivery.

Post-release of the video, a contest was launched asking the audience to showcase the signature ‘Munna Kab Aayega’ dance step on social media platforms.


  • The video garnered 149698 views within 24 hours of its launch on social media platforms.
  • Other demographics: engagement rate (0.84%), views (35,73,619), reactions (11,720) and shares (400)
  • With a relatable story, the brand rightly struck a chord with the audience and received a definitive answer to the prying ‘Munna Kab Aayega’ question.

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