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Client Brief

To communicate & engage with the audience during the pandemic.


The idea was to keep in mind the brand identity and ethos, the current emotional health of our consumers and messaging which gets attention in this hyper-digital distraction. This digital film provided us with an opportunity to tell a narrative in a unique fashion with the help of Sounds. Each sound used in the film had the power to give you a ride down the memory lane and build connect with the consumer.


TMF wanted to engage with its audience within a short span of time. The idea was to do it differently.

We used SOUND as a medium focusing on the daily routine chores, we ensured to make the video, interactive and immersive with very little visual cues but sounds from our daily lives that can connect with the audiences instantly.

 And, this proved to be a major advantage for us, as each viewer had to use their own imagination to relive their memories amidst the lockdown which created an emotional bond with the digital film and a sense of ownership among the viewers


The video distribution was 24x compared to our historical posts on our Facebook page

The post reached more than 2 lakhs people on Facebook

On an average 73,211 video views were generated for the video.

The campaign was covered by Brand Equity and Campaign Asia for the innovation and execution

Media: https://www.campaignasia.com/video/tata-motors-finance-celebrates-lockdown-tranquility-en-route-to-ruining-it/461664

Media: https://brandequity.economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/marketing/tata-motors-finance-releases-the-sounds-of-lockdown-digital-film/76382017


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