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Client Brief

The objective was to deep dive; map the user journey, the top revenue-generating path & devise the best viable strategy to increase conversions.


We implemented a ‘Shopping Tool’ custom dimension to identify 4 unique user behaviors on the site:

  1. Internal Search: Data driven analytics allowed us to segregate the high and low intent products & create a new algorithm.
  2. Navigation: This enabled us to identify the path frequented by users & quantify them.
  3. Merchandising: This traced the revenue, logic impacting the result & notify if there was a drop in the cross-sell share.
  4. Opeco: Performance data of each banner was analyzed which helped to bring the best in the forefront

‘Shopping Tool’ custom dimension enabled us to extract meaningful analytical data and harness actionable insights for the business goals



We Achieved:

-          50% Revenue contribution from Search

-          6% Increase in the revenue due to the overall navigation restructuring of the path

-          1.5-5% Significant jump in revenue with cross-selling  

Logicserve Digital Pvt Ltd

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