Bharti AXA General Insurance, 2019

Bharti AXA General Insurance decreased COA(Cost Over Acquisitions) by 132% during off season, using location(city) specific strategy and leveraging AMPs

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By Logicserve Digital Pvt Ltd
Client Brief

Their objective was to reduce COA & generate Quality Leads


•       Identified best performing business level keywords (Cost over acquisition) - We shortlisted the best performing (lesser COA – Cost Over Acquisition) keywords vs non-performing keywords. Thus, increased the % share of the budget spent on the performing keywords.

•       Locations from where most policies are purchased at the lowest cost –  Cities in terms of lesser COA (Cost Over Acquisition) preferred over the non-performing ones.

•       Rolling out AMPs – Since higher % of Indian users using mobile (for research) as compared to Desktop and hence we rolled out AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) web pages to reach out the potential users.

•       Solution
We judiciously adjusted our budget during the non-peak season to improve COA. We played strategically by positioning our ads at 2nd and 3rd position thereby reducing CPC while maintaining the number of conversions this eventually resulted in better Lead Rate and COA



- Decrease in COA by 132%

- Increase in CTR by 233%

- Decrease in CPC by 0.7X



Bharti AXA General Insurance

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