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Client Brief

They’re a digital marketing and advertising agency that’s been in business since 2016. They’re full scale, offering services to a variety of clients and vertices.

They were looking to take UI/UX on their website to the next level along with an active instagram account. Their team focuses mostly on data and analytics, so they were looking for some design and creative support.


Involvement of project managers for several projects in this case. Multiple designers, managers and developers are involved with FVG.


We have done WordPress, PHP, JAvaScript, Laravel, HTML, and Shopify builds for FVG. Leo9 Studio has done over 10 projects with them. In addition, we’ve created e-commerce websites and handled a few logo design & branding projects as well.


We supplement our design and execution of landing pages for paid advertising and social media advertising campaigns. That involves not only the design work for the look, feel, and functionality but also the creation of funnels and conversion rate optimization. We’ve provided designs and layouts for everything from landing pages to microsites for various advertising projects.


We provided some of the best and cleanest design work that they’ve seen on the market. The design work itself is truly top-notch. When working together on conversion rate optimization, they’ve seen anywhere from a 15%–20% increase in conversions on those funnels. That has a direct impact on their bottom line.

Leo9 Studio


  1. Mumbai



Category Experience


11-25 Employees

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