Reckrut, 2017

Raised Talent Aquisition Experience for Reckrut

Website & App Development UI and UX Website and App Design Branding
By Leo9 Studio
Client Brief

Users should be able to log in and create campaigns for auto calls. The system should then call the users assigned and generate reports for analysis.

  • User Registers
  • Create Call Campaigns
  • Get Detailed Reports
  • Simple Seamless Experience

We spoke to the target audience; our age group was of 30 to 40 years. Conducted a survey asking how do they perform bulk calling for HR. What is the cost they bare for mass calling, and the staff required to do the same?


  1. No such platform available
  2. High cost for mass calling
  3. Too much hassle for follow ups
  4. Too many human resources required

The project involved UI and UX designers and illustrators and developers who combined their efforts to deliver a robust digital product

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UX Design

Keeping the target audience in mind the UX design was made very simple using the KISS principle.

android mobile app development company

UI Design

The colors and illustrations were designed to suit the business following a component-based design system.

android mobile app development company


Our experienced developers completed their job by developing a fully functional mobile app keeping experience design at the core


Users can log in and create campaigns. After which the system auto calls to the candidates added in the campaign and record their details. If the candidate doesn’t answer, they get a followup call later at the set time. Lastly, an automated report is generated for the campaign.

15000+ Auto Calls Are Made

5000+ Active Vendors

5 Simple Steps To Set Up A Campaign



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