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Client Brief

Nirmal Bang is one of the leading stock broking companies in India, caters to retail and institutional clients by offering them a range of financial products and services.

  • UI UX
  • Mobile
  • Development


Users should be able to buy and sell mutual funds. Should be able to create and analyze his portfolio.

  1. User Browses Funds
  2. Ability To Buy And Sell
  3. Get Reports
  4. Simple Seamless Experience


We spoke to the target audience; our age group was of 22 to 55 years. Conducted a survey asking about their investments, what app they use. Problems that they face and what improvements they need in investment apps.

  1. Too many platforms available
  2. Lack of knowledge
  3. No understanding of existing products
  4. Too difficult to understand the UI


Users can log in and browse for funds he wishes to invest in. One can analyze the fund and take a call whether to buy or sell his Mutual Fund. Their portfolio gives them a detailed report of the gains and losses. Also, suggestions for funds from Nirmal Bang.

36% Increase In Downloads.

73% Increase In An Active User Database

6sec To Buy Any Mutual Fund

Leo9 Studio


  1. Mumbai



Category Experience


11-25 Employees

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