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Client Brief

Travelxp is an accepted Gold Standard in Travel & Lifestyle category. Now an app-based travel booking platform to search and book flights, hotels and holidays, all with the convenience of the user’s pocket.

  • UI UX
  • Web
  • Mobile


Users should be able to browse for travel packages and also custom design those packages as per his requirements.

  • Browse Travel Packages, Flights, and Hotels
  • Design a Holiday Builder for Custom Itinerary
  • User Registers For Booking
  • Simple Seamless Experience


We spoke to the target audience; our age group was of 22 to 55 years. Conducted a survey asking for their preferred travel portal and why do they like them. Things they feel should improve and the problems they face while traveling and booking their flights and hotels.


Users can browse their travel packages, flights, or hotels that he wishes to book. Also, with the Holiday Builder, the user can easily customize the packages as per his requirements with no time. The booking process is made stupid simple for secure and fast checkout.

  • 7sec To Book Flights And A Hotel
  • Unlimited Packages To Browse Curated According To The User's Interest
  • 3 Simple Steps It Takes To Edit The Itinerary

Leo9 Studio


  1. Mumbai



Category Experience


11-25 Employees

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