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The task at hand was big, the responsibilities high. But like every other project we made sure we delivered a brilliant ad concept for the brand. B L Agro was launching their first ever TVC campaign featuring Shilpa Shetty Kundra.


We have known the client through handling of their social media, but a TVC was our first with them.

Being an organization that has catered itself to quality food for the masses, something mediocre would just not fit the bill.

Also we definitely did not want to showcase them as a ‘organic’ or ‘diet’ brand which is easy for people to confuse with, when you use the term healthy nutritious food.

We decided to understand each product, its procurement to processing to being delivered to doorsteps.

The entire journey was spread out in front of us. With hours of in and out studying of the brand and its core existence, we understood what made them different.

In a flood of grocery brands what B L Agro was aiming through their brand Nourish was to give food that is clean and in nature intended form. Nothing was overly processed, mixed with cheaper ingredients and they had the best of machines and labor working day in and day out for them.

There was no compromise! And this was our key.

Compromise leads to substandard, adulterated and health harming ingredients.

For a brand that did not ever accept the ‘compromise’ terminology their products stood out.

We took this as our focus point and ‘Saadharan Chhodo Nutrition Chino’ was born.

We then had to work this around Ms.Shilpa Shetty. Now if you come to see Shilpa Shetty is no ‘Saadharan’ woman. Shilpa left her acting career years ago, yet she is relevant in the industry. Even today! She is a judge, she is a famous fitness icon to thousands, she is a mother, an excellent sister and a lot more. She is the perfect example of All in One. So, when a face like hers joins a brand like Nourish, the similarities between the two were high.

With this similarity our ad concepts came up with ‘2 baatein’. In life we all have the option to choose between two paths. What you take up with a clear conscience is what makes all the difference.

It’s exactly the same with food. You can pick up what you like, but investing time and understanding what you put in your body is what would reflect on you as a person.

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