National Scheme Launch Poster

National Scheme Launch Poster

National "NIRMA Advance" Poster


Gujarat "NIRMA SANDAL" Poster


Gujarat "NIRMA SHAKTI" Poster

Client Brief

The requirement was to keep the legacy and recall of the brand Nirma and its most popular Detergent Powder product variant intact and still reinvent the packaging and make it appear a bit more modern and new age. We worked on the popular Nirma Detergent Powder, Nirma Advance Detergent Powder, and Nirma Sandal Soap packaging.


We wanted to go with only a few subtle changes in the packaging but make it stand out on the shelves while not leaving behind the recall value that the brand has built so far.


The swirling Nirma Girl is the first thing that one remembers when one thinks of the brand Nirma along with the popular nostalgic tune of ‘Nirma, Washing Powder Nirma”, so keeping the swirling Nirma girl was never a point of debate. It had to be there on the pack. The colors were given a little brightening and bordering, and the brand name was given more prominence. The Nirma Advance detergent powder was given a more vibrant, fresh, and appealing dark blue tone with little pink rose petals to bring the ‘softness’ aspect out. The Nirma Sandal Soap was conceptualized to be kept in Sandal color to help customers pick it and find out the fragrance right from the packaging even from a distance. The Keep it Simple, Stupid (KISS) formula was put into practice here.


The result was just as expected by the client – a subtle revamp made the product stand out in the retail space while the brand recall was not hindered at all. 



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