Client Brief

HyFun Mumbai Aloo Vada and Hyfun Veggie Stix were two instant food products that were given to us to create an attractive packaging. 


We intended to make a unique color palette for the packaging, one which stands apart from all other ready to eat and instant food items through its identity. We took a beautiful purple-ish color concoction to make it come alive and stand apart from the clutter. 


We began with identifying unique color blends which would not only gel great with our logo but will also compliment the fun-filled positioning of the brand. We came up with a unique purple-ish blend that makes the package stand apart on the shelves. The use of attractive food shots and ample breathing space in the packaging makes it a hit.


The new packaging design was appreciated by the client and rendered exactly the brand recall and perception value that the client intended it to create. 




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