Premium Box Packaging

Premium Box Packaging

"Cornoz" maize product. New Brand & Packaging

"Cristos" Wafer New Brand & Packaging

Client Brief

When an established brand of namkeens wants to upscale their offerings, they go for revamping or reimagining their packaging. Gopal Namkeens sought a brand reimagination for their range of new snacks products.


We wanted to give it a brand overhaul completely – not keeping anything but the logo like the previous packaging. When the products are on the shelves, they must look appealing to compete with the other brands


We decided to reinvent their brand colors according to the product and compete in a market full of attractive packaging and similar products. We came up with fresh colors, unique color combinations, and a totally new box type package for the Kachori variant, which is usually sold in a ziplock-styled pouch packaging. 


The resultant packaging was a big hit with the client and the customers alike. The earlier packaging made the brand appear a little downmarket, while the new one placed it right up there in competition with the well-established players in the market.  



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