Make Over Packaging

Make Over Packaging
Client Brief

The client wanted us to create an interesting new packaging with not too many stark changes to the previous one. They wanted the logo, brand colors, and product image to be prominent but needed a little bit of improvement in the overall look of the product packaging.



The idea was to expand the color pattern design and free it from shapes, making it fluid and free-flowing, and dominant. 


Gopal Namkeen being a growing brand of snacks in the region, catering more to the lower-income group segment and the working-class segment, keeping the colors and appearance somewhat resembling the previous packaging was important. This is because this segment picks up what they recall with the use of colors and pack size. We decided to enlarge the logo, randomize the color pattern without changing the brand colors, keep the visual elements unchanged but highlight them a bit prominently and make the front of the package as clean as possible.


The resulting packaging was a big hit among the customers. This exercise did no damage to the brand but on the contrary, the suitability of the product in semi-urban and urban areas increased with this new minimal packaging design. On top of it, the client was all smiles with this new pack design



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