Exhibition panel

Exhibition panel

Product Brochure, Complete Branding

Product Brochure, Complete Branding
Client Brief

Consta is a benchmark product which gives cooling solutions to multiple industries, mainly to fisheries and pharmaceuticals. These solutions revolutionized the cooling products segment and brought about a positive impact. The client asked us to derive upon its brand identity and to make multiple collaterals including panels, folders and more. 


In the fisheries business, conventional aluminum containers were used to keep the catch cool, but at some point in time, the temperature rises, which is why the fishermen could only catch fish until the temperature permits. This product changed their way of fishing and made them fish for longer hours. The name ‘Consta’ has been derived from its quality of ‘Constant’ cooling. A high-end, product-centric B2B communication with minimal colors but maximum impact was our idea to make it appear premium and desirable in the market segment. 


We made use of minimal design elements, but conveyed the message through simple, understandable text accompanied with an apt tagline ‘All the time…All the way’. This positioning hit right in the bull’s eye and gave the client what he needed the most - recognition and validation in the B2B segment. 


The end result was beyond expectation - not just the client, but even the client’s customers and business associates appreciated this unique idea and lauded the simplicity in design and the crystal clear messaging that went into it.



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