Bira 91, 2019

Flea and Music Festival

Social Media Content Corporate Film / AV Graphic Design
By Inspired Reach

Event Launch Promo

Teaser - Motion Graphics

Sneak Peak into the event

Client Brief

To have an activity platform for all age groups where they can enjoy their Sunday and make memories. At
the same time to showcase the creative abilities of Indian artists and entrepreneurs by helping them
come closer to their audience.


We showcase a day long carnival with craft, food, music, fashion, activities and live performances.

The first of its kind, Sunday Chills is a reflection of creativity which brings together a community of like
minded people irrespective of age to come together and make memories.

“One unique aspect of ‘Sunday Chills’ being an activity platform not only targeting youth but

focusing on people across all age groups”


Art and culture has always been in the forefront of Indian tradition. Our craftsmen and weavers
are known and celebrated throughout the world for their knowledge and expertise. Sunday Chills
helps keeping this tradition alive by showcasing the best of Indian art and craft.

Sunday Chills is an emotion which helps you to enjoy your Sunday with family and friends and make
memories that you’ll cherish forever. Shop, laugh, eat or just be inspired by the talented artists and
entrepreneurs who come together to showcase their uniqueness to the people. With our never ending
range of activities there is something for everyone at Sunday Chills. Along with our unique blend of
talented artists and live performances one cannot imagine a better Sunday than this.

Your taste buds will also not be left alone. With over 50+ food stalls from around the city, its a
heaven for a food connoisseur. With stalls of every kind this day long carnival
showcases the best of India in terms of Art in all its forms.


After the success of the first event we made it our own IP and have made it a multicity event. Having executed the 1st event at Hyderabd in Dec 2019 the 2nd edition was held in Delhi on March 8 2020 on the occassion of mother's day.

Footfall of over 5,000 at each location
Branding at the venue
Over 200 stalls for shopping
Music Carnival artist from all over the country performing



Bira 91

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