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Client Brief

The application as well as the physical card required a youth identity correlating with the Z generation and the millennials.


Stand-alone service is not sufficient to retain the customers, rewarding benefits make them loyal and a long term affair. We successfully offered millennial augmentation with the currency colours, Lato fonts and everything else to come up with a consistent design language.

Every icon was specifically designed keeping the brand positioning and language in mind. Each aspect like curve, edge, line, proximity, texture has a meaning associated with the brand in place. The colours, elements, design, pattern of each icon, represents a youthful concept of getting more in less.

With the help of advanced technology and smart analysis tools, we captured every part of the user journey in a seamless way to come up with a user friendly and intuitive user flow that is user friendly and also efficient enough to minimize the steps performed by the user.


Every single aspect represents the youthfulness of our ideas and the offerings of the products, there is nothing displayed on the application or the physical card which is out of context or without our initial concept of being youth and rewardingly simple.

INK PPT Presentation Design Agency


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