Client Brief

Being a multidimensional Company scaled throughout the globe, Microsoft shares a significant responsibility towards its people as well as the global citizens. They work on multiple initiatives for public welfare through their CSR activities and create an annual Citizenship Report that demonstrates their social excellence in various verticals. They reached us via a partnering agency to create a well-designed report that showcases their CSR projects throughout the year. 


The idea was to design a visual language that follows the existing guidelines and the design of Microsoft and is yet unique.


While designing the report, we referred to the concept of tiles that is a part of Microsoft’s existing design persona and tweaked it to portray visual information and images. Using the tile units and infographics, we developed the report’s layout. The text formatting and fonts that we used were taken from the existing Microsoft guidelines. Since the report was in digital format, we designed the elements using PowerPoint. We further used Hyperlinks across the report to efficiently showcase the information.




The report that was finally created was appreciated by the entire team as well as the viewers. We were able to adhere to all the existing formats of Microsoft Design and still managed to create something that was unique and engaging for the audience.



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