Client Brief

Dr Batra's™ Healthcare has grown from just a single clinic in Mumbai solely run by Dr Batra's™ himself to over 230 clinics across 122 cities in India, Dubai, UK, and Bangladesh, 400 doctors, 2000 employees, over 1.5 million patients treated so far, personalised product brands (64 SKUs), over 84 franchisees, a media house that publishes India's first homeopathy and lifestyle magazine, a veterinary hospital functional in New Delhi, and a training academy for doctors.


Dr Batra's looked for building a mobile fitness app which will be one stop solution for fitness masters. It will measure bpm and also provide tailored diet chart as per the individuals.


INT. developed an advanced fitness mobile application which is easy to use. The robust application provides tailored solutions to the users based on the input data. The inbuild AI system further crafts customised diet chart. the push notification facilities keeps on updating the health status based on the calories intake, water consumptions, total step count and etc.


The advanced feature has made the app download rate increased by 30%. Attractive UI also enhanced the user experience.


Dr. Batra's

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