Client Brief
Antes is a fast-growing commercial refrigeration company in the Cold Chain Domain. Antes specialises in providing customised solutions to diverse requirements of our end to end customers and caters to multiple segments of valued customers from Food Processing, Storage & Packaging Industries, Retail & Fast Food Chains, Dairy Industries, Seafood Exporters, Large Cold-Multipurpose Warehousing, Hospitality, Pharma, Process Line Cooling and Cold Chain Logistics. Antes currently operates across Singapore, India, and Qatar. Our in-house skilled and experienced team specialises in the "SKS" 5 Key Cross-Functional Specialisations @Design, Cold Solution Delivery, Customised Projects, Installation, and 6 After-Sales Support. The Company is lead by people with over two decades of experience in HVAC industries, with the Founders having thorough & vast experience & knowledge in the field having dealt with numerous Projects and providing satisfactory solutions to clients.

Antes Global

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