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Client Brief

To develop an impactful Food & Beverage video that shall uphold The Luxury Collection at PVR.

Think of food at movie theatres, Popcorn, nachos, rolls, burgers and sandwiches come to your mind but at the Luxury Collection at PVR, it’s a different level altogether. It’s an affair between quality food in fine dining prepared by celebrity chefs and PVR luxury services.

The intent of the video is to promote F&B at PVR luxury cinemas, where a harmonious blend of both Japanese and European cuisine will be displayed.

While they have roped in celebrated Chef Yutaka Saito who leads a home-grown Japanese specialty brand – Simply Sushi and renowned Chef Mayank Tiwari who is the Executive Chef for the PVR group, it was a delectable space to start with.


A 90-second video with an overall theme of ‘Elevate your Cinematic Experience’ was planned, executed and developed. The objective was to show a blend of culinary excellence while preparing exotic snacks for PVR audience in an artful way raising the visual appeal to the highest degree. The choice of music was critical to bring together the two pillars of this video – Cinema and delectable cuisine.



We thought to go with the natural flow of showcasing the culinary cultures garnishing them with crafts intertwined as stories. It would be more of a reel, riding on the waves with frames that flow in & out, alternating the cuisines and chefs.

With a healthy mix of slow-motion, time-lapse and zoom-in effects, the video was successful to emphasise the appetizing quality of food, aroma and flavours.

The focus of the video was to glide over the key stages in the preparation of the food. E.g. blending, sprinkling, garnishing, and flambéing etc. capturing each chef absorbed in their art. The essence was to present the skilled craftsmen at work, delivering lip-smacking delicacies to the PVR audience.


This video was played at PVR movie theatres, business lounges at airports, social media, the display screen in malls/ restaurants.

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