PVR Cinemas, 2018

JapaFries Launch Creatives + Logo

Communication Design
By idYAY Creations

Photo Shoot/ Social media/ Store Branding

Photo Shoot/ Social media/ Store Branding

The task at hand was to develop the launch campaign for a new brand of French-Fries with unique Japanese flavours.

We all know what French fries are. So, the challenge was to infuse the Japanese flavour in a way where it won’t appear bland in the collateral design.  Therefore, in the photoshoot, emphasis was given to the main flavouring agent in each dish. Therefore, each creative is a specimen to the star ingredients of the JapaFries. We also added a unique cultural element of Japan- Origami, to add a distinct flavour and lend a visual connect with the Japanese cuisine across the creatives.


PVR Cinemas

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