Client Brief

1.The Objective: 

  • To drive awareness and reach of our credit card amongst customers who don’t use any credit card and those who have a credit card but not ours.
  • To propagate the proposition of a 4in1 card – super card with multi benefits 

1.1 Scope of work:

  1. Gameplay to explain the credit card proposition and key offerings 
  2. Lead form integration in the game before completion 
  3. Other page elements: types of credit cards, key features and USP of credit card

1.2 Deliverables

  • Gamified campaign page design and HTML.


The system, no matter what the gameplay method we go for, will be comprised of a consistent value chain

Fundamentally, a game has to go through the above phases.


Figuring out answers to this phase will help us increase retention.

  • Discovery- How are we shaping the discovery of the game?
  • Engagement 
    • Are we nudging the user to start playing? 
    • Or are we giving them a choice to pick an avatar to build bonding with the game first? 
    • Is our game so complex that we need to tell them a way to play it? 
    • Or is it so intuitive that press of a button can start it? (Case in point - Google Chrome Dinosaur game)


Building the gameplay and enabling learning through fun.

  • What is the time span of the gameplay? Is it going to be Long, Mid-range or short?
  • How do we plan the gains and losses to be engaging but not too easy or too difficult?
  • What key learnings / messaging do we want to embed in the game so that as a result of the gameplay, the user is more knowledgeable about the product?


Planning a proper end and post-death cycle is key to longer-term ROI.


  • What happens when the player quits a game?
  • What happens when the game is over but not complete?
  • What happens when the end of the game is reached?
  • Do we show a leaderboard to show social comparison? If so, how do we make it a pleasant and contextual experience?
  • How do we embed user-information capture and when?
  • Do you want the user to be able to come back and play the game with their profile? Do you want them to have a profile? Where do we do profile management?

Key Messaging Points to embed in the game

Users cannot remember all key points shared with them, but the good news is, to convert them, some unique and contextual points are enough to drive the point home. 

Hence we have divided the information into primary and secondary lists.

Primary Items

  • Effortless EMI Conversion
  • ATM (Cash withdrawal with no internet)
  • Interest free cash withdrawal for up to 50 days
  • Interest free personal loan for up to 90 days
  • Avail Personal Loan in Emergencies
  • Pay with points – You can pay down payment on the EMI Network with your SuperCard reward points

Secondary Items

  • Huge Annual Savings
  • Bajaj Finserv Partners - Discounts, EMI Offers on a lot of products or purchases
  • Instant Approval
  • Cashback (5%)
  • Rewards & Benefits


The target users will be diverted to the “campaign page” where the intent is to 

  • Capture their attention in a delightful manner, 
  • Retain them from dropping off and engage them with a game that’s easy to pick up (learn),
  • Tempting to play and rewarding to engage with 
  • Make the users want to share their information with us in return for rewards etc.


The final look can be seen here:



  1. Pune




11-25 Employees

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